Using Disc to Find the Right Person

When you are hiring new people is is critical that you find individuals that match the requirements for the position you want to fill.

A common mistake that many employer make is that they write a job description and then advertise. When people apply and they get interviewed and finally selected everything at first looks good. However, after a few month there are often not such happy times with the person that was hired not doing a good job or the employee not being happy with what you want them to do.

Here is one of the smartest way for you to use DISC to find the right people…

It is very often that the person recruiting will hire people that are quite similar to themselves. It an obvious thing to do but it does not add much to the strength and the balance of the team. Just like in a sports team, you need a good balance of people that are suited for their particular role.

This is costly as every team member has to perform really well to make your business successful. The cost is loss of potential income and also direct cost from having to hire another person and also the cost of your time having to go through it all again.

Using DISC Profiling to Hire the Right Person

Using the DISC profiling tool is ideal for hiring the “right” person right from the start. Here is a simple and very effective method that you can use when you hire the next person for your business.

It is also a great tool if you are a recruiting advisor and you want to ensure you understand what type of person the business owner or manager is looking for. You can download and print the sheet below and use that as an interview tool to get some very important personality traits of the person you are looking for.

At the top left of the sheet are the main areas of focus, needs, emotions and fears.

In the first row you can then see the 4 styles: dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance

Now ask yourself which words best match the person you are looking for for each of the styles. Put a ring around a group of 5 to 10 words.

So for example if you are looking for a sales person, you should get a person with dominance matching some of these words:

  • Goal orientated
  • Decisive
  • Assertive
  • Enterprising
  • Strong
  • Determined
  • Direct

And Influence matching some of these words:

  • Emotional
  • Convincing
  • Encouraging
  • Animated
  • Outgoing
  • Trusting
  • Poised
  • Warm
  • Friendly

And finally Compliance matching some of these words:

  • Orderly
  • Neat
  • Tactful
  • Diplomatic
  • Conventional
  • Evasive
  • Firm
  • Original
  • Determined
  • Self reliant
  • Steadfast
  • Confident

You do not need to focus on all the styles. For example if you are looking for a sales person you may not need to focus on the “steadiness

Once you have circled the words that describe the person you are looking for, you do the normal recruiting process and you then get the top 3 or 5 candidates to complete an online DISC questionnaire. Once you get the report, you can then clearly see how a person fits within the band that you have decided before hand.
If there is a clear mis-match, it is best to say “no thanks” and find the right person.

DISC selection chart