Quick Behaviour Style Finder Tool

Free DISC profiling toolUse this tool for quickly finding what personality style you are dealing with.
All you need to do, is make a couple of either or choices based on what you can see right in front of you.

It is super easy quick to learn and a very powerful tool.

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Hi Andreas here from Psychometric Testing. Today I want to introduce you to a great tool that is really handy. It’s a reading guide that helps you to identify the Disc profile of a particular person that you are going to be dealing with. Now why is that handy?

Are You Loosing Sales?

So for example if you want to make a sale and you’re selling to a particular person. Say for example a business owner, which could be a high D typically, but not necessarily. And you might be a high D yourself. And if you use your style matched with the style that you’re going to sell to… you assume it’s a high D… you’re probably going to be quite successful because there’s a good match there. However imagine the business owner is not a high D and he’s a high I or something like that and you use a high D type of approach with that person, chances are you’re not going to make that sale.

You can see there are 4 main profiles and if you are one particular style and you keep using that, chances are you are going to be successful about 25% of the time. Other times you may be miss-matching your style and loosing the sale.

Great Method to Match Your Style

So here’s a method where you can very quickly identify the style that you need to be using with that person. The way this works is that you’re going to choose one of 2 things you observe from a person. Firstly you’re going to pick is the person outgoing and direct or is the person more reserved and indirect. So that’s the only thing that you need to figure out right in the beginning.

So the simple things to look for is is the person fast paced or slower paced. Is the person more telling or more asking. Is the person quite a loud speaker and a soft speaker… that’s the one I like because it’s very easy you know. You can very quickly just remember those couple of things and see is the guy more outgoing, faster paced and louder. You are now on either the left or the right side.

Choose between High D or High I

Now have to pick between the 2 choices on either side of the page. And now because on the left, the people will be either a D or an I. So now you’re going to pick between the green and the red. The green is more competitive and directing. And the red which is the I is more talking and interacting. Typical little clues that you might be getting, is the D has a more closed posture. So look for body language. Folded arms, that kind of stuff. Unexpressive and cool faced. And a high D doesn’t show the feeling. Often more formal and focuses on what questions. What can you do for me, what does this cost, that kind of stuff. And their priorities are very much goal and results oriented.

Find Your Style Within Minutes

Within a few minutes of talking to a person you should be able to identify that. Alternatively, you see on the bottom… the red here… the person is more talkative and it’s open posture. More animated and a warm face. More feelings expressed and more casual and talks more about the “who”. You can very quickly see is it one or the other and then you know.

If you picked the other side, you do exactly the same. Say now you picked the person to be more reserved. Then you need to pick between the blue and the light green here. And of course you can see the S is the open posture, relaxed, casual, focuses on “how”. And then alternatively the high C is more observing and thinking, more closed posture, it’s more formal and “why” kind of questions.

How To Use The DISC Reading Tool

Anyway, if you follow this process I would recommend that you print this sheet out and learn this stuff. It’s not really difficult. It’s just a couple of things that you need to remember and you then know if you’re talking to a high D, high I, high S or high C, and you can adjust your style accordingly and have a very good chance of impressing the person and matching that person and making a sale.