Free Sample Reports

DiSC Report – Sample

Here is a great example of a DISC report just the same what you will get when you do the online test. These reports are very comprehensive because they cater for every need level. Sometimes you might need only the very basic information, like the graphs at the end of the report and at other times you might want to know some detailed information like how best to communicate w [...]

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Sales Acumen Report – Sample

Have a look at our Sales Acumen sample report. The Sales Acumen Survey is 80 questions and measures a salesperson’s knowledge of the consultative sales process in 7 key stages of the sales process. These areas are: Prospecting First Meeting Investigating/Probing Presenting Influencing/Convincing Working with Objections Closing There is an additional section on [...]

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Business Motivator Report – Sample

Downland and have a look at our Business Motivator sample report. This type of report shows you what a person is motivated by: Conceptual (ideas) Aesthetic (look and design) Economic (money) Power and Authority (leadership) SocialDoctrine (team spirit) This report is clear and to the point. The content is easy to understand and you will get an instant insight how t [...]

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