DISC Profile Summary

DISC Profile SummaryUse this a great tool for deciding how to communicate with people of the various DISC profiles

Have it ready for meetings, interviews, when dealing with conflict and making sales.

It is super easy quick to learn and a very powerful tool.

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Behavioral Styles Summary

Hi this is Andreas from Psychometric Testing. Again another tool that I want to share with you today and this is something really handy because here get to see in a quick summary all the different styles and how you need to interact with those people and how they might be behaving. So this is a sheet that you can print out and you can then know your people and it would probably be good if you could remember that person is a high D or high I or high S or high C. And then under certain circumstances you can get a quick reminder here how these people will be behaving.

Knowing the Major Goals for Your Team Members

So for example, let’s take the major goals of a ‘high D’, is very much to be in control and results oriented. Take the next one. So say now you need to deal with a situation where there’s fear and you’re dealing with a ‘high I’. So the major fear of a high I would be rejection or loss of approval. So you need to be very careful to deal with that so that person doesn’t feel rejected or doesn’t have that loss of approval.

What Does Your Team Dislike?

Take the dislikes. What do people dislike? Say now you’re thinking how best to organize your office and things like that and you’re dealing with a high S. And you need to think about their dislikes. So you go to the dislikes row and you can find each the dislikes for each DISC personality style. So that person, high S would not like hostility, conflict or unpredictability. So that’s very important for high S to be predictable and have a friendly environment.

Is Your Under Pressure?

Let’s look at under pressure. So under pressure and we take the high C, that’s the compliance type of person. And you’re putting your team under pressure and you’re thinking about your high C. Under pressure they’ll be more stubborn and withdrawn. So if you see that type of behavior you can understand why they behave that way. For example a high S will be more conforming and indecisive or high I would be emotional or a high D would become domineering and impatient. So you can see a vast difference how people will be behaving in different situations based on their personality style.

DISC Profiling as Sales Tool

Now here is a very good one. You know when you want to make a sale, then you need to know how buyers with different DISC styles behave and what they respond to. For example as a high D you want to give them options and show them that it’s really efficient doing business with you.
A high I wants to see testimonials and they want to save personal effort.
A high S wants to have assurance of stability and very much personal attention, and a high C wants evidence of quality and accuracy and they want very much a logical approach.

Decision Making for the DISC Styles

You can see here this is how you can use the different profiles for different situations.
The decisive style for a high D is quick and fast. For the high I it is very much a gut feeling, for the high S is deliberate, and the high C would be very analytical.

DISC Profile Summary

So this is a great tool that you can use, and use with your sales team or for decision making as a manager. Very handy to have ready and refer to from time to time.

Download your FREE DISC Profile Summary PDF Doc here