About Us

This business was started in 2010. Our aim is to provide quality psychometric testing tools conveniently and reliably.

We want to make your job really easy. You pick your service online and within a short time you have a quality report on your computer which you can then use to get you the winning team you are after.

www.PsychometricTesting.net.nz is a subsidiary of Big Cheese Marketing specialist in Business ConsultingBusiness Coaching and Business Services.

Eleanor Becker

psychometric testing elaanor

Eleanor Becker

Eleanor is the co-owner and manager of www.PsychometricTesting.net.nz

I run the day-to-day business, communicate with clients and process the various reports. When you call us on (03) 741 1613 you will most likely speak to me.  I am very proud to offer the best service I can. If you ever have a problem, I will sort it out right away and make sure you are happy.

I have learnt the power of the DiSC profile system and get many positive reports for happy clients around the world.

Andreas Becker

psychometric testing andreas

Andreas Becker

Andreas is the co-owner of www.PsychometricTesting.net.nz

While working with 100’s of businesses as a business coach I have discovered and used various personality profile tools. I have found the DiSC profiling tools to be the easiest to understand and use right away without complicated interpretation and training.

I became so enthusiastic about a particular service that we had been using from an USA based company that I approached them to become their NZ distributor.