Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing of your team and your clients is one of the most powerful methods you can use in business to find and keep the best people.

All personality tests give you a profile and an insight to a person’s decision making and behaviour. We have tried & tested many psychometric tests that are available and have filtered the best and most suitable test for small to medium businesses.

If you are looking for a way to get a better understanding of your team and then help them to perform at a higher level, you have come to the right place.

Please watch the video on the right if you want to get a quick overview of psychometric testing and which method we have found to be most suitable for SME businesses.

Why Should You Use Psychometric Testing?

Psychometric testing of your people is one of the smartest technology you can use in business to find and keep the best people. There are many profiling tools available to choose from. Basically they are all personality tests that give you an insight to a person’s aptitude, behaviours, values, skills and beliefs.

Getting a person’s personality profile, which is the result of a series of questions the employee answers, can be very useful when making a decision during the recruiting process. It can also be a very good guide while building your team and when you are looking for leaders within your company.

If you are looking for a way to get the best productivity from any team, you need to use a psychometric testing tool of some kind. Otherwise you might be putting people into positions where they operate outside their power zone and they can never reach maximum potential – it’s like putting a square peg into a round hole.

Getting The Most From Your Team

This type of psychometric testing is very useful when staff work as a team and the team members know each other, because they become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each. Effectively, team building is facilitated resulting in a cohesive team.

Once you have ascertained the personality profiles of staff members you are able to place them positions best suited to them. For a HR manager psychometric testing is a brilliant efficiency management tool that you can use without having to get to know the person over a long period of time.

Personality Profile Types:

There are many different types of personality profiles. Some are rather complex, like the Myers Briggs test, which is used my many larger corporates. Other tools like the DISC profiling tool are very quick and easy, but in no way less accurate and they seem to be well suited to medium and smaller companies simply because of the value for money they provide.

You can find a sample of a DiSC Profile here.

Then there are very specific profiles like Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics wealth profile. These specific profiles are perfect for pinpointing one specific trait which can then be used to make decisions with regards to that topic, namely wealth building.

How Psychometric Testing Works:

When a personality test is done, candidates answer a series of questions either on paper or, more commonly, online. The answers are processed and analysed to supply with a report describing you ideas about the candidate’s decision making capacity and methods, work ethics and attitudes. They also cover communication skills and personal traits such as extroverted or introverted.

A good personality profile consists of a comprehensive report that is categorised and easy to understand. You should be able to read the report and make some very good decisions about the person you are evaluating. If you choose to give a copy to the candidate he/she will be able to figure out what his/her strengths and weaknesses are.

Psychometric testing, being self assessed, gives you insights into how candidates the see themselves. You might think that they are able fudge the testing to better suit the position they are applying for, but this is not as straightforward as it may seem. Many questions are asked repeatedly in a slightly different way and a skilled person analysing the results will pick up when the candidate is making things up.

If you are thinking of hiring people then it makes very good sense to use psychometric testing to determine their suitability before you make your final decision.

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